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Appropriate Body Services

‚ÄčAll schools that offer statutory induction for early career teachers (ECTs) are required to appoint an Appropriate Body (AB) for each ECT before they start induction. 

ABs ensure that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, are fairly and consistently assessed, and that ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the Early Career Framework (ECF). 

Our AB Offer

Our AB service works with ECTs in our region across all phases and settings. 

We work closely with other ABs in the region to ensure our service meets local needs and provides the best possible support for all those involved with ECT induction.


Schools registering an ECT with us for AB services will receive:

  • Access to the ECT Manager portal to manage all induction documentation securely.
  • Management of ECT records with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA). 
  • Support from the Hub team with registration and administrations issues. 
  • Visits from AB leads to support induction coordinators and tutors. 
  • Visits from AB leads to support ECTs who are not on track to successfully complete induction.
  • ECT welcome sessions and half-termly Induction Coordinator sessions. 
  • Online ECT Induction Handbook, providing all key guidance and support documents. 
  • Training for new and developing induction tutors, including writing progress reviews and assessment reports. 
  • Support from outside of the ECTs school setting.
  • Robust quality assurance of documentation and processes within schools and across the region. 

Our Fees

We charge an AB service fee in line with statutory guidance. We do not charge more than the cost of delivering this service and review our fees to ensure value for money. 

Schools may alternatively opt to use DfE accredited materials to deliver ECF training (Core Induction Programme) or design and deliver their own ECF training (School Based Induction Programme) which are subject to AB fidelity checks which carry additional fees.

It is important for schools to consider which route through ECF is right for their setting. 

For more information regarding Appropriate Body and associated fees, please contact us