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ECF Training with the Hub

Calderdale and Kirklees Teaching School Hub work in partnership with Ambition Institute, a national provider for the early career framework (ECF). 

Ambition Institute state ‘we think as hard about our content, as our teachers and mentors think about the learning of their students. We incorporate much of what we know makes great teaching - such as retrieval, practice and interweaving our content over time, as a basis of our professional development programme design. Our programme employs instructional coaching as a central tool for improving quality and provision of mentoring. This is a proven form of effective professional development that catalyses multiple ‘active ingredients’ in a structured, time-efficient process, and secures mentor time through habit forming practice. Our programme is a well-considered and crafted sequenced curriculum of learning. We know that any good learning journey needs to be flexible to the learners’ needs. We think our programme does this best.’ 

The programme is composed of three strands. A strand is the sequenced content that an early career teacher will work through over a term. Each strand has a core focus: behaviour, instruction, or subject. Each strand includes relevant aspects of other strands as well as important ideas and practice about teacher self-regulation. Each strand is made up of self-directed study material and instructional coaching from the mentor.