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Induction Tutor

The role of the induction tutor is not one set out in the statutory induction guidance. Depending on the size and staffing structure of your school, you may not have a designated induction lead; the role may be undertaken by the head teacher or a tutor. 

The induction tutor plays a vital part in ensuring ECT induction is purposeful, successful and accurately monitored. To understand the extent of the role, you should look at the roles of the head teacher/principal and the tutor to identify the overlap between roles (see Section 5 of the statutory induction guidance).  

The induction lead provides a conduit between ECTs, mentors, head teachers and the Teaching School Hub. It is important that the hierarchy of induction is in place so that issues can be escalated when necessary.  

C&K Teaching School Hub communicates with induction tutors through half-termly breakfast briefings on the first Thursday of each half-term. These meetings are followed up with a handout summarising the key actions for them, their ECTs, mentors and tutors during the half-term. Details can be found here: Calderdale and Kirklees Teaching School Hub - IC Breakfast Briefings ( 

The induction tutor is responsible for monitoring the quality of assessments for each ECT, as well as ensuring a high level of engagement with the ECF training process. For schools following a funded DfE programme, this means ensuring ECTs and mentors attend all training sessions, ECTS complete their self-study, and mentors record coaching sessions on Steplab.  

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In addition to this, the induction tutor should conduct a Coaching-on-Coaching session three times across the two-year training programme for every mentor. This is a supportive process rather than a judgemental one. Findings should be recorded on the Hub’s form.