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AB Induction Tutors

Induction Tutors

Once an ECT has been recruited by your school, the induction tutor will identify a suitable induction tutor to support them.  

You will be registered on ECT Manager as an induction tutor and will be sent log in details for the portal. You will use ECT Manager to record all progress the ECT makes towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards. 

Every term, you will write a review of the progress your ECT is making. In the first, second, fourth and fifth term, you will write a brief progress review (2-3 paragraphs). In the third and sixth terms you will write a formal assessment report, detailing how each of the Teachers’ Standards are being met. Training on writing progress reviews and assessments will be provided by the Hub AB service.  

Towards the end of each term, you will meet with the ECT to share the progress review with them, and they will be required to reflect on their progress during the term too. At the end of the first and second years of your induction period, these will be formal assessment reports, detailing how ECTs are meeting all of the Teachers’ Standards. The forms are then submitted to the Appropriate Body, who reads them and provides brief feedback. 

ECTs who are judged to be on track to meet the Teachers’ Standards at the end of their induction period will receive brief feedback from the AB and will carry on their planned trajectory of improvement. 

ECTs who are judged not to be on track to meet the Teachers’ Standards will be provided with additional support from the school and the Appropriate Body to enable them to make rapid progress and get back on track as quickly as possible. You will need to put together a support plan (possibly working with the mentor and the induction coordinator) to help the ECT to make rapid progress to get back on track as quickly as possible. If an ECT is not ‘on track’ at any point, they still continue with their induction timeline.  

No decision is made on whether an ECT will ‘pass or fail’ their induction until the end of their final term. ECTs may have induction terms where they are not on track, and this could be for any number of reasons. You should raise any concerns about an ECT’s progress as soon as possible with your induction coordinator, head teacher or with the Hub AB service.  

Induction Tutor Training is available on ECT Manager. Appropriate Body visits will be arranged to support and quality assure the work induction tutors are undertaking.