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Applications for the National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL) commencing February 2023 are now open.

Please see the 'How to register for your NPQ' guide below to secure your NPQ place now!

Deadline - Thursday 12 January 2023


We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Ambition Institute to deliver the new NPQ for Senior Leadership. This 18-month programme helps participants to develop their leadership knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes for teachers and pupils in their schools.

Those doing the training will learn:

  • How to enact positive change across their school.
  • Evidence-based knowledge taught by leadership experts.
  • To support colleagues to meet individual needs and make sure all pupils have access to a rich curriculum.

How you will learn:

  • The programme is delivered through blended learning. This includes a mix of face-to-face conferences, real-time, interactive online sessions and self-guided modules to complete in your own time. You will put what you learn into practice in your school, tracking your progress and getting feedback as you go.

Benefits to your school:

  • Learning backed by the latest evidence.
  • Create a leadership pipeline.
  • Attract and retain teaching staff.


  • Free to all state schools and state funded organisations that offer 16-19 places in England. 

Find out more:

  • See the 'find out more - NPQSL' flyer below. 

To apply:

  • You must be, or are aspiring to be, a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities. For example, you might be an assistant or deputy headteacher, or a head of department or faculty.  
  • Follow the 'How to Register for your NPQ' guide below to submit your application today!