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Train to Teach: Primary Programme

“I lead on Primary and Secondary ITE at Calderdale and Kirklees School Direct. I love to work with people and support them to achieve their personal best.”

Katy Isles - CKTSH Programme Lead


“We’re so proud of the feedback we receive from schools about our trainees! We choose each one with great care, selecting those with the attributes for success and the potential to be outstanding teachers. One of the key characteristics we look for in a Primary trainee is a real passion for making a big positive difference to children’s lives.”

Elaine Guzdek - TIE Primary Programme Lead


Katy and Elaine's role

Katy and Elaine's role as the Primary leads is to guide you through every step of your PGCE. They will be there from your interview day, at our TIE Hub sessions, make visits during your placements and will be celebrating alongside you at your QTS graduation. Leads will be there to answer your questions, ensure you feel supported and find the best placement schools for you. During your placement time, Elaine and Katy will come and observe your teaching and provide feedback to help you become the best teacher you can be! They will also lead your TIE Hub time as you receive CPD and training from guest lectures alongside other TIE trainees. They work hard to ensure your training programme is impactful and bespoke to you.


Apply to one of our Primary Teaching courses 

Primary (3-7) Code Z492 Full or part time


Primary (5-11) Code 28P6 Full or part time


Primary with mathematics  (3-7) E792


Primary with mathematics  (5-7) 3F2F