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What to do if an ECT leaves your school

If an ECT leaves your school...........

  • Inform the Hub - with ECT details and also mentor details if they are no longer mentoring
  • Complete report on ECT Manager –If at the end of an induction term, mark the ECT as not remaining at the school, then complete the interim assessment generated. If within a term, inform the Hub, and we will generate the correct report for you to complete (PR or IA).
  • If the ECT is transferring to another school and the new school records the transfer on the DfE - you do not need to do anything.
  • If, however, you wish to process the transfer-out ahead of time, or if the new school is not known:

          - Sign in to the Manage Training for Early Career Teachers Service

         - Click on the Manage mentors and ECT button

         - Click on the participant's name

         - Click on the link at the bottom of their record under the heading 'No longer training'.