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Why teach Geography?

We asked Sophie Harris a Geography Trainee why teaching Geography?




''Geography is everywhere. From the global climate crisis to the rebranding and regeneration efforts of your local town, there is especially no subject more poignant today than Geography. It is a constantly evolving subject that continually reflects the world around us and the world that our students are growing up in. To have the ability to inspire students to protect and care for our dynamic planet is vital to its survival, which is something that begins in the classroom. It is an extremely varied subject in which students can engage with cultures, issues and processes from every corner of the world. If you’re worried that there may be too much to cover that your subject knowledge doesn’t currently cater for, don’t be! The level of support you will receive throughout your training will ensure that you are well prepared for the adventure ahead with plenty of opportunity to enhance your subject knowledge along the way. To teach Geography is to be rewarded everyday with no two days being the same! Watching students become proficient in a subject you’re passionate about and having the opportunity to astound them every day through your expertise and guidance is immensely valuable not only for them, but for you too''